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Pregnancy After a Miscarriage

Do home useful articles have what might be pregnant after a Miscarriage?

Can I get pregnant after a miscarriage?
The question of whether it is possible to become pregnant after a miscarriage worries all women who have suffered the loss of a baby during pregnancy. Only come to his realization, everything is different. Someone closes in on themselves for a long time, moves away from communication with family people and does not seek to maintain contacts with loved ones. Someone is ready to rush into the pool with his head and immediately start trying to get pregnant after the disaster.

In the ranks of scientists, there is no single point of view regarding whether it is possible to become pregnant immediately after a miscarriage or whether it is worth waiting for a longer period. However, it is known that the majority of experts nevertheless agree that before the onset of a new pregnancy at least 3-6 months must have passed from the time of the miscarriage. This is the best time to restore physical strength and psychological health.

Miscarriage – spontaneous abortion

Spontaneous termination of pregnancy is observed in 20% of women. About half of them do not even know about their pregnancy, therefore they are even not able to suspect a miscarriage. Basically, women experience single miscarriages, with subsequent attempts to get pregnant, the circumstances are favorable. And only 1% of women have spontaneous abortions more than 3 times in a row.

It should be remembered that with each miscarriage, the probability of a successful conception decreases. When asked if it is possible to become pregnant after an abortion, the answer is obvious – yes. In most cases, termination of pregnancy is also not subject to treatment, as it is a coincidence. But there are circumstances in which it is necessary to understand the possibility of spontaneous abortion in the future to be zero.

The main part of miscarriages is caused by defects in the chromosome series. With the death of a non-viable embryo, natural selection occurs when an unfit organism dies, failing to cope with the burden placed on it. Chromosomal abnormalities are a coincidence, but the risk of their development is higher, the greater the age of the mother and father. The risk group includes women who decide to give birth at the age of over 35 years.

Is it possible to get pregnant immediately after a miscarriage

The physiology of the female body is such that recovery happens quickly. After two weeks of miscarriage, the body is ready for a new conception. But gynecologists say – congestion is undesirable. The next pregnancy should begin completely and painstakingly after “working on mistakes”.

If genetics is the most common cause of spontaneous abortion for up to six weeks, late term responsibility lies primarily with infections and viruses that reside in the mother’s body and are transmitted to the fetus at the time of its development. Because of their presence, a growing organism undergoes severe deformity, often inconsistent with life.

Can I get pregnant after a miscarriage and is it safe

Looking at these data and thinking about how to become pregnant after an abortion, take an STI test and ask your doctor what types of tests you are recommended to identify and erase the exact cause of the problem.

The question of how to get pregnant after a miscarriage is relevant for couples who want a baby. In this case, experts recommend that they go through a full range of studies to identify possible causes of past failures. This includes an examination of the hemostatic system, immune status, hormonal levels. If treatment is required as a result of the identified data, check with your doctor after what time you can become pregnant after a miscarriage, and taking medications.

You should not independently decide on your body’s readiness for conception. Consult an expert to deal with undue risks. Doctors will say if it is possible to become pregnant after an abortion, and what the health consequences are, there is danger. In the absence of contraindications after passing the test and the measures taken to restore health, pregnancy is considered safe. Miscarriages in early stages usually have less severe consequences than later stages.

Women who are likely to become pregnant after an abortion will be interested in something else – to reduce the risk of negative situations appearing, it is worth changing your life and your partner. You should lose weight, rebuild the diet with inclusion in the menu of foods enriched with valuable ingredients of the composition.

It is necessary to exclude any painful factors – stress, depression, harmful factors at work. If you get the idea that it is possible to get pregnant after one month of miscarriage, then drive it away. Perhaps the pregnancy will come and end with a successful delivery. But the opposite can happen in the question of whether it is possible to become pregnant immediately after an abortion. When you receive an affirmative answer a new tragedy will begin in your life.

Is it possible to get pregnant after a miscarriage and what are the chances of success

The optimal duration for a break between a failed pregnancy and a new conception is 3-6 months. During this time, the reproductive system is rehabilitated and restored, to ensure the full duration of the fetus in the future. Don’t wait for an answer by asking your doctor how long you can get pregnant after an abortion, which means that your body is ready for immediate change. The specialist will weigh all the risks once again and give the best time for their couple.

It is known that after a miscarriage, a woman is more likely to have them, and they are only slightly less likely than those whose history of miscarriage is not visible.

 If the question is whether it is possible to become pregnant immediately after an abortion, then you received a positive answer, but the abortion occurs a second time, the probability of a favorable outcome in the future reaches 70%. If you already have three unsuccessful pregnancies on your account that ended in miscarriage, the question of getting pregnant after an abortion should not leave you alone, you still have a 50% chance of success.

Whether or not it is possible to become pregnant after one month of miscarriage, keep in mind that this period does not resolve anything. So is it better not to create a solid platform for your child? Gain strength, accumulate positive emotions and decide to complete your plan as soon as you get time. 

Do not forget about the benefits of vitamins. If you are interested in how to become pregnant after an abortion, ask your doctor what is to give preference to the vitamin complex. Most likely, a specialist will prescribe you folic acid to reduce the risk of neural tube deformity in your unborn child.