Signs Of Miscarriage

If you are currently pregnant, want to educate yourself on signs of miscarriage, then it makes sense – just in case that was to happen to you. When I found out that I was expecting my first child, I immediately went online to find out how much I could know about the first trimester. I knew that I could soon experience things like morning sickness and blotting, as well as avoid fatigue and even certain foods or smells.

 Well, none of those things ended with me because I went to my doctor for a blood test and it was found that my HCG – pregnancy hormone – was falling when it really should have doubled in number. I was devastated, and so was my husband. We did not know what to do, but my doctor said that I would probably lose the baby.

 I kept going back every two days to repeat the bloodwork and the number fluctuated, but never really doubled. My doctor said that the pregnancy was not viable and I would need to clean the uterus and get my number down to zero so that we could try again.

signs of miscarriage

My mother came to the city with me for surgery and my husband left work. We were about to stay in the operating room before dusk, I started seeing signs of miscarriage at home. I felt strong, painful cramps, and started bleeding profusely.

 It went on overnight, but still, we went as scheduled the next morning. The doctors still wanted to do the procedure to make sure that my body was ready to try again in a few months. And this is what we did and within two months I was pregnant again and it was done.

Signs Of Miscarriage First Trimester - 5 Signs Of Early Miscarriage

If you need information about the signs of the first trimester of miscarriage, you will need to be as precise as possible on how many weeks you are pregnant. The first trimester is the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Even with precise timing details, signs of miscarriage in the first trimester may be confused with signs of normal pregnancy. The top 5 early abortion signs are:

Spasms in the pelvic region. In early pregnancy, abnormal cramps are not severe, but sometimes different from menstrual cramps. If the cramps are stable and do not rest after a few hours, you may have an early miscarriage. Symptoms of miscarriage may occur at any time in the first trimester.
There is a pain in the lower back, which is caused by the muscles of the back of the spine. It is a lower back pain that a massage does not seem to touch or change and is one of the classic miscarriage symptoms. This means that the uterus is putting pressure on the lower back and possible spasms from the uterus are being felt there.

Vaginal placement of abortion. You can only see a pink stain on your underwear – not really clear if its blood. Sometimes instead of pink, it is brown because it is old blood. A vaginal opening also occurs when the egg is implanted and may not indicate a miscarriage at all.

Vaginal blood clots pass. If you have a late period, after very heavy menstrual flow or large clots, it is possible that you are having an abortion. Unless you have a history of heavy periods, the passing of blood clots and very heavy flow are often signs of miscarriage

Nausea and weakness lasting days. These signs of miscarriage first trimester are often confused with typical pregnancy symptoms. Hormonal changes at the beginning of pregnancy make you feel very tired. Usually, after the first two months, the tired feeling is less frequent. If you have not been sick recently or are tired, you may have an early miscarriage.